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Meet our founder and CEO, Paige Hope!

"Chemicals and toxins are in our skincare, cleaning products, surroundings—heck, even the air we breathe. I used to turn a blind eye to these invisible troublemakers until life threw a curveball with my sister's autoimmune diagnosis and my own hormone imbalances, most significantly, hair loss. Once I grasped the impact toxins were having on our health, there was no returning to blissful ignorance!

The tipping point for me was the realization that 'clean and natural' advertising claims were often a façade. It's that moment when you flip the product over, scan the ingredient list, and the reality doesn't match the marketing hype. That's when the idea of Elan Pure was born. Elan stands for energy and confidence, while Pure encapsulates our commitment to clean, natural, toxin-free products. We started with a non-toxic self-tan because I've been an avid tan user for over 15 years, and the revelation about the questionable concoctions I was slathering on my skin weekly left me utterly shook. Our skin, being the largest organ, deserves better!" 

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Our Goal?

Help people reclaim their confidence and energy through taking control of their wellness.

We don’t separate beauty and wellness, we believe they should be interconnected. Let's celebrate the incredible link between inner wellness and outer radiance together!